Average citizen in any location of the globe is spending hours daily in the social media of his or her liking. These are the technologies focused on the information transference via PCs and mobile devices based on interpersonal relations, sociological laws and virtual social cells. And there is a whole branch of marketing studying and practicing the most effective ways to promote products on the platforms through which the described interaction and sharing is realized.

The SMM process starts with deciding on the specific networking platform that will become the object of campaign, because, for example, for some businesses the Facebook and similar media may be the obvious choice, while for others local, professional on interest-based sites should be considered in the first place. Then, there are also numerous possible combinations and strategies. The analytics, defining of targets, planning of projects and other steps are no less important.

MEDIAPARADE is a place to find the critical experts and crucial approaches for implementing the social media programs that let one to draw the attention of the wished for user scope filtered by a preset number of variables including the statistical and probabilistic estimates of conversion, deep analysis of customer behavior, etc. The measures of the mentioned practices pursue an objective of maximizing revenues and establishing steady selling performance.