Video Advertising

Display engaging video advertisements across mobile devices and tablets.


pre-roll ad

Advertising video plays before the main video stream.


mid-roll ad

Advertising video appears in the middle of main video stream.


desc-box ad

Advertising video appears after the main video stream.

Companion Ads

companion ads

Related graphical banners shown around the video player.

Video Interstitial

video interstitial

An interstitial with a video segment.

On-Hover Ads

on-hover ads

You need to hover your mouse over one banner for x amount of seconds in order to see the video interstitial ad.

Video Footerbar

video footerbar ad

Footerbar with a video segment.

In-Banner Video

in banner video

Ad unit that takes the shape of a regular 300×250 ad unit but is 100% video.


overlay ad

Image or flash banners displayed as banners in the lower third of the video player.

Video Skin

video skin ad

Clickable video ad playing behind the content, with the top and sides visible to the viewer.